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Shakti Cloud Marketplace is a platform where you can discover and access a variety of software solutions from different vendors for your AI/HPC applications, all designed to work seamlessly with your existing cloud infrastructure.

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NVIDIA AI Enterprise

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is a comprehensive suite of AI software that enables businesses to tackle new challenges and enhance their operational efficiency. As a secure, cloud-native platform, it offers end-to-end capabilities for building and deploying high-performance AI models.

NVIDIA Omniverseā„¢

NVIDIA Omniverseā„¢, built on Pixar's Universal Scene Description (USD), allows individuals and teams to streamline their 3D workflows and simulate large-scale virtual worlds faster than ever before. The platform features advanced physics and the RTX Renderer, enabling users to connect their favourite apps in Omniverse Create or View and bring their combined models to life.


Enterprise Support

Enterprise support services ensuring smooth operation, addressing enterprise-specific needs.

Tested Solution

All marketplace offerings are tested on Shakti Cloud to provide comprehensive testing, assuring reliability, performance, and security, providing a dependable foundation for AI workflows.

Seamless Integration

Ensuring easy integration of the marketplace cloud services into your enterprise environments on Shakti Cloud.