Power Your Data Needs with Secure, Scalable, and Reliable Cloud Storage Solutions

High-Performance Storage

Shakti Cloud provides a range of storage options to meet your requirements for executing AI/ML workloads, from object and block storage to high-speed NVMe, enterprise container registry, backup & archival.

Solutions Spotlight

High Speed Storage

Experience high-speed data access with our NVME disks, designed to meet the demands of data-intensive applications. These ultra-fast storage solutions ensure rapid retrieval and processing of your critical data, providing the speed and efficiency required for modern computing workloads.

Object Storage

Store any type of unstructured data (e.g., images, videos, backups) efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether you're handling large datasets or running applications with high I/O requirements, our SSD based object storage infrastructure delivers the reliability and performance your projects demand.

Block Storage

Shakti Cloud provides efficient, fast, reliable data access through our SSD based block storage solution.

Enterprise Container Registry

Shakti Cloud container registry is a single place for you to manage all your container images, pre-trained models, and Helm charts.

Highly secured and easy-to-use, Enterprise Container Registry can seamlessly integrate with your MLOps pipeline.

Enterprise Backup, Recovery and Archival Services

Shakti Cloud offers low cost, highly durable, an end-to-end, flexible, scalable, and reliable backup, recovery, and archival environment for all kinds of storage data. Our solutions ensures that your data is always available to you and is protected against a host of cyber threats including data breaches and ransomware attacks.


No Ingress and Egress Charges. Unlimited Data Transfer

Pay only for storge consumption, not for transfers  

Unmatched Security

Benefit from industry-leading security protocols and data encryption at rest and in transit.

Seamless Scalability

Easily scale your storage capacity up or down on demand to adapt to changing needs.

Exceptional Performance

Experience low latency and high throughput and high durability for fast data access and processing.

Simplified Management

Manage your storage intuitively through a user-friendly web interface or API.


Choose from flexible pricing plans to match your specific storage requirements and budget.