Shakti serverless

Scale your GPU workload in seconds

Effortless Development With
Serverless GPUs

Tired of managing complex cloud infrastructure for your AI projects? Say goodbye to the days of provisioning, configuring, and scaling GPUs – and hello to the future of effortless AI development with Serverless GPUs!

Access to powerful GPUs for your AI workloads, without the hassle of server management.

Our platform removes the complexity, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your code and your groundbreaking ideas.

We have covered everything needed for your application to run smoothly.

Serverless Offerings


Variety of GPUs

From cutting-edge NVIDIA H100s to versatile NVIDIA T4s, we provide a range of GPUs tailored to meet the demands of your applications

Volume Storage

No need to manage complex storage workflows. Mount NVMe or SSD disk directly to your code.

Real time logs and Alerts

Receive real-time logs and alerts notifying you if your model surpasses your predefined API usage or begins consuming GPUs beyond the set limit.

Streaming Endpoints

Deliver outputs to your users by deploying it in our serverless API endpoints.

Auto scale with flexibility

Create production-ready endpoints capable of scaling to accommodate thousands of GPUs. Our environment automatically scales up to meet high traffic demands for your model. Conversely, when traffic is low, we scale down.


Effortless Scaling

Scale up your resources in seconds with our on-demand scaling capabilities. No more waiting for provisioning or worrying about overused resources – simply pay for what you use.

Instant Activation

No more waiting for servers to spin up. Our "cold start" optimization ensures that your code runs as soon as you need it, minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency.

Cost-Effective Power

Pay only for the exact compute time you utilize. This pay-as-you-go model eliminates idle resource costs and helps you stay within budget, especially for projects with fluctuating workloads.

Simplified Workflow

Forget about server management and configuration complexities. Our intuitive platform lets you focus on developing and deploying your AI applications with ease.