Shakti Cloud
Powered by NVIDIA

Shakti Cloud is India’s Fastest & Largest AI-HPC Supercomputer created to revolutionise AI development in India & around the world & brought to life thanks to a collaboration between Yotta & NVIDIA.

Indigenously Developed

Shakti Cloud has been built in India by Yotta, India’s first Elite NVIDIA Cloud Partner (NCP) - keeping in mind the nation’s evolving sovereign AI needs, diverse culture, linguistic multitude, & young population.

Powerful Beyond Belief

Shakti Cloud offers scorching performance with 16 Exaflops of AI computing powered by 16,000+ NVIDIA H100 GPUs – the world’s fastest GPU & Infiniband Technology, capable of an unbelievable throughput of up to 400 Gbps.

Blazing Fast Speeds

Shakti Cloud uses NVMe based High speed storage and SSD based object and block storage to deliver the incredible speeds required for creating Large Language Models & building AI tools & services.

Made for You

Shakti Cloud can be accessed through a simple yet powerful user-friendly portal & offers a comprehensive end-to-end AI development platform for customers to dive right in & start building their own AI products.

Shakti Cloud
A World-Class AI Cloud

Powered by 16,384 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core & thousands of NVIDIA L40S GPUs, Shakti Cloud delivers massive power.

Shakti Cloud is built on NVIDIA’s cutting-edge NCP super pod architecture with high-speed Infiniband networking and NVMe storage for lightning-fast AI performance. Shakti Cloud is a comprehensive AI platform with NVIDIA’s AI enterprise suite that empowers you to build, train, and deploy your AI models seamlessly.

The Shakti Cloud stack

Our comprehensive suite offers everything you need to thrive in the age of artificial intelligence. From high-performance infrastructure featuring NVIDIA GPUs and InfiniBand networking to effortless cluster deployments with managed Kubernetes and Slurm, Shakti Cloud empowers you to focus on innovation. We streamline your workflow with serverless GPUs, MLOps, and an enterprise container registry – all tightly integrated with NVIDIA AI Enterprise.  Additionally, unlock the potential of generative AI services like text-to-speech and image generation, along with robust security solutions to ensure your data and workloads are always protected.

The Shakti Cloud Portal in Action

Cloud Computing Designed for Developing and Deploying
High Performance AI Models



Build your AI pipeline seamless with our end to-end platform.

Our full stack AI software empowers you with data processing tools, AI frameworks, pre-trained models, jupyter notebooks and much more to bring your groundbreaking ideas to life at unprecedented speed



Turn insights into reality with the raw power of our GPU cloud platform. Leverage the lightning-fast performance of NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate your training cycles. Fine-tune your models with ease and unlock their full potential, pushing the boundaries of AI innovation



Take your creations to the world with confidence. Our platform empowers you to seamlessly deploy and manage your AI solutions at scale. Leverage the power of containerization and robust infrastructure to ensure your brilliant ideas reach their full potential, impacting the world in real-time

Shakti Cloud Core Components


Train and Deploy Large models at scale with 16,384 NVIDIA H100 GPUs and L40S GPUs for inference and simulation workloads

Shakti Cloud nodes are connected with non-blocking Infiniband Quantum 2 NDR 400G switches. With 3200 GBps Node to Node Connectivity

Spectrum 4 400Gbps ethernet switch, Blue field -3 ,ConnectX 7

High Speed Storage with NVMe Disk

Object Storage with SSD Disk

Complete Integration with NVIDIA’S NVAIE Solution

Shakti Cloud is built on NVIDIA super pod NCP architecture

Network Connectivity and Security

Train Large-Scale Models Across
Thousands of Nodes


Enter a new era of accelerated computing with the NVIDIA® H100 Tensor Core GPU, delivering exceptional performance, scalability, and security. This GPU introduces a dedicated Transformer Engine for trillion-parameter language models, accelerating LLMs 30 times faster than its predecessor


Experience unparalleled AI and graphics performance with the NVIDIA® L40S GPU, crafted for exceptional multi-workload efficiency. Combining potent AI compute with top-tier graphics and media acceleration, the L40S GPU drives the next generation of data center workloads, spanning generative AI, LLM inference and training, 3D graphics, rendering, and video applications

High Speed Compute Networking

Shakti Cloud GPU nodes are connected over high-speed InfiniBand quantum 2 switches.

NVIDIA Quantum-2 switches empower Shakti Cloud with software-defined networking, In-Network Computing, performance isolation, advanced acceleration engines, remote direct-memory access (RDMA), and the fastest speed up to 400Gb/s.

Shakti Cloud leverages the NVIDIA® BlueField 3® data processing unit (DPU) architecture with high-speed, low-latency NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking. The solution delivers bare-metal performance, user management and isolation, data protection, on-demand high performance computing (HPC), and AI services—simply and securely.

High Speed Storage Solutions

In order to train LLMs, Shakti Cloud incorporates exabytes of low latency high performance parallel processing storage.

It is powered by two types of storage solutions: High-speed storage featuring NVMe disks and SSD-based object and block storage.

Our high speed storage provides a read through put of 4TBps and a write throughput of 2TBps.

Enterprise Class Software Platform

Shakti Cloud features an easy-to-use, streamlined AI platform to perform end-to-end AI development.

Our platform efficiently configures and orchestrates AI workloads, offers integrated dataset management, and enables execution on compute resources ranging from a single GPU to large-scale, multi-node clusters within the Shakti Cloud platform.

Shakti Cloud is also completely integrated with NVDIA’s AI Enterprise tools, models, and workflow.

Unparalleled Connectivity

Shakti Cloud prioritizes seamless and efficient data transfer with its robust network infrastructure. We offer high-speed, high-bandwidth, and low-latency internet connectivity, bundled with your GPU plans, eliminating any ingress-egress charges. This ensures smooth operation and cost-effectiveness for your projects. To cater to exceptionally high usage scenarios, we provide flexible excess usage plans. Additionally, we can terminate private corporate MPLS networks for secure and dedicated connections. For bulk data uploads, we offer the option of bringing your own disks directly to our data centers, streamlining the process and minimizing transfer times.

Unwavering Security

Shakti Cloud prioritizes the security of your data and applications with a fortress of features. Network and application firewalls stand guard at the gates, filtering malicious traffic. Anti-DDoS protection shields your systems from overwhelming attacks. Our vigilant 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) stays on high alert, while SIEM and SOAR technologies streamline threat detection and response. Regular Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VAPT) identify and address weaknesses before they can be exploited. Finally, Identity and Access Management (IAM) meticulously controls access to your resources, ensuring only authorized users can enter. This multi-layered security approach empowers you to focus on your projects with confidence, knowing your data and applications are safeguarded within Shakti Cloud's secure walls.

Hosted at India's Asia's Largest
Data Center : Yotta NM1

Shakti Cloud is Hosted at Yotta's self owned 700 MW datacentre campus with limitless scalability on high density data centre space, power, cooling, public internet and private connectivity and cybersecurity protection layers. Yotta Shakti Cloud is a very high density environment with rack density greater than 48 kW and uses a highly redundant and sophisticated power distribution and precision cooling environment. Special purpose, rear door heat exchanger units placed right behind the racks chilled water very close to the GPU chips thus ensuring the fastest removal of heat and hence optimising the power usage.

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1. The NVIDIA HGX H100 platform is a high-performance computing (HPC) system designed specifically for artificial intelligence (AI) and HPC workloads. 7x better efficiency in high-performance computing (HPC) applications, up to 9x faster AI training on the largest models and up to 30x faster AI inference than the NVIDIA HGX A100.


Engineered for exceptional multi-workload performance, this GPU combines potent AI compute with top-tier graphics and media acceleration. From generative AI to 3D graphics and video applications, the L40S GPU propels the next generation of data center workloads.

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High-Speed NVMe Disks

Experience high-speed data access with our NVME disks, designed to meet the demands of data-intensive applications. These ultra-fast storage solutions ensure rapid retrieval and processing of your critical data, providing the speed and efficiency required for modern computing workloads.

SSD based Object / File Storage

Efficiently manage your bulk data storage needs with our SSD-based object/file storage solutions. Whether you're handling large datasets or running applications with high I/O requirements, our storage infrastructure delivers the reliability and performance your projects demand.

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Managed Clusters

Shakti cloud Platform offers managed kubernetes and SLURM cluster to develop and deploy AI at scale.

AI Lab as a Service

Fastest way to learn, build and optimize AI/ML models with our personalized AI workspaces.

Serverless GPU

Scale the workloads across GPUs without worrying about managing the infrastructure with our serverless GPUs.

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Speech AI

With our Shakti Speech AI service Explore solutions such as speech-to-text, text-to-speech, speech translation.

Image Generation

With our Shakti AI services create realistic images based on detailed text descriptions

Text Generation

With our Shakti AI text generation Generate different creative text formats like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, emails, letters, etc.

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